Give Some, Get Some

What does publishing even mean these days? It is a terribly hard industry to define. Yet creating content for magazines, books, websites, and smartphones, building a community around ideas, producing video that has impact, putting your work “out there”—all of that— remains one of the most exciting and challenging careers exactly because of the diversity and complexity of this so-called industry.  Whether you are just starting your career, or changing course and re-tooling it, then making smart choices in order to achieve your goals takes time, and support, skills, and lots and lots of constructive feedback. That is why EWIP focuses most on education and connection. We help each other be excellent. We encourage everyone to be, or seek out mentors, and to seriously give back at every stage. Become a member of EWIP and learn more, connect better, and use whatever boost you get in life to help someone else along the way. At the core of what we offer is support to manage the delicate balance of living a complete life, in other words, live to be exceptional.

Are They Coming for Your Birth Control?

Interesting link to this article in Salon–Rick Santorum wants to make all contraceptives illegal, even for married couples. How did he get so far in the Republican party? and does the GOP want to be taken seriously by women? The political process is one of the most effective ways anywhere of getting your thoughts heard–at that level it is certainly more effective than writing, starting a magazine, or having a cable TV show. By the time a candidate reaches that level in the political process he (or, very occasionally, she) is able to leverage the total power of the media. It gives a kind of credibility to the thoughts and opinions of people participating in the political process. We in the media and we as citizens need to hold them accountable for that.