Yale Publishing Course—2014

Event: Yale Publishing Course — Leadership Strategies
Dates: Magazine Media: July 13 – 18, 2014
Dates: Book Publishing: July 20 – 25, 2014
Location: Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

About this Event: This interactive program at Yale offers a distinctive educational experience for mid- to senior-level publishing professionals. The cutting-edge curriculum tackles today’s most crucial issues – from innovative ways to increase revenues and integrate your print and digital strategies to brand extension in an ever-expanding global economy. The program combines provocative lectures with smaller group discussions and mentoring sessions with expert industry leaders and faculty members from the Yale School of Management. Enrollment is limited to 70 participants.

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Give Some, Get Some

What does publishing even mean these days? It is a terribly hard industry to define. Yet creating content for magazines, books, websites, and smartphones, building a community around ideas, producing video that has impact, putting your work “out there”—all of that— remains one of the most exciting and challenging careers exactly because of the diversity and complexity of this so-called industry.  Whether you are just starting your career, or changing course and re-tooling it, then making smart choices in order to achieve your goals takes time, and support, skills, and lots and lots of constructive feedback. That is why EWIP focuses most on education and connection. We help each other be excellent. We encourage everyone to be, or seek out mentors, and to seriously give back at every stage. Become a member of EWIP and learn more, connect better, and use whatever boost you get in life to help someone else along the way. At the core of what we offer is support to manage the delicate balance of living a complete life, in other words, live to be exceptional.

Virtual Business Conference – Easy to be there!

Publishing Executive Virtual Business ConferenceThe folks at Publishing Executive magazine are working hard to make your life easier. They are convening a virtual business conference with industry experts and “takeaways” from each session during the day-long event, available to you all without leaving town. Actually, you can register for the event and earn points by attending sessions, trading virtual business cards, and visiting exhibitor booths all without leaving your desk. Earn enough points and you will be entered into a chance to win an iPad2. Easy. There are sessions on digital discoveries, revenue strategies, building apps, DRM, e-books, opportunities in content marketing, and more.

Register HERE, but hurry, September 13th is virtually here!

What: Publishing Executives Virtual Business Conference
Who: Publishing Business eLearning Team
When: September 13, 2012 10:00 am – 5:00 pm ET
Where: Right from your computer, its virtual!
Why: Because you can never learn too much about the publishing business (you want an iPad2)
Cost: Free to all

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Publishing Course – Yale Style

Yale University’s summer publishing course for senior-level professionals brings together an international audience and industry experts. The special week-long course, one for book publishing on July 22-27th, and another week for magazine and digital publishing on July 15-20th, encourages participants to get away from daily routines and immerse themselves in a course with a global perspective on the strategies and innovations needed today. Yale’s mission: to provide participants of the publishing courses with knowledge and skills that will enable them to be more effective leaders.

You are bound to make some great contacts, too. EWIP members receive $250 discount off the tuition. When applying, enter code YPC12EWP on your application.