Women brave storm and speak of hope, technology, and female brain

presidentspanelThe prediction was for snow in San Francisco, and on February 25th, the day did begin with howling winds and rain. But the sky cleared early enough to shine cool and crisp for the 175 women in publishing who attended the Exceptional Women in Publishing’s third annual Women’s Leadership Conference.  The women came from print, online, and a variety of publishing, media, and communication technology companies, to hear dozens of speakers, including the president’s panel who shared their thoughts on surviving these turbulent times. Madeleine Buckingham of Mother Jones suggests you “do a few things well, and focus on community;” Michela O’Connor Abrams of Dwell Media, believes “it’s a great time for personal creativity and entrepreneurship;” and Barb Newton of Sunset Publishing Corporation says “people want and can consume more information than ever before.”

EWIP will post more comments from attendees on the conference and share published stories from bloggers, reporters, and others heard around the social media networks. Send us your photos and links to share.

Conference panel moderator and deputy editorial page editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, Lois Kazakoff posted these comments..

Read the report from Nancy Davis Kho on EContentBlog who discussed several of the panels including the conference theme panel, “Woman and the Machine: Publishing, Technology, and the Female Brain.”

Watch the only VIDEO of the conference shot during the panel: “Reading the Future: Digital Magazines” with Cheryl Goodman from Qualcomm; Jeanniey Mullen of Zinio, and Kate Byrne of Future US. The panel was moderated by Marjorie W. Martay, of Nomad Editions.

Read Linda Ruth’s blog, Breaking Up the Boy’s Club on AudienceDevelopment.com.

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