Geek Moms Offers Heroines for Boys

Nancy Gruver, a past EWIP board member, posted a link from Geek Moms on Facebook. It’s a listing of comics with strong female protagonists. Geek Mom’s intended audience for these comics? Their sons.

Geek Mom’s point is that boys don’t read books with girl heroines (usually), although girls do read books with boy heroes. Her advice? Catch ’em while they’re young and introduce them to strong, can-do girls.

Does anyone have any ideas why boys don’t cross over as much in fiction? Is it because girls have a broader empathic ability? Or is there a “cootie” factor going on?

Interesting to me that all the comics recommended are action/fighting/superhero type stuff. Which of course girls do read and like. Do other topics that interest girls (human relations, growing up) not interest boys so much? Is that another reason they don’t read girls in fiction?

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