Nominate Your Exceptional Woman

What Exceptional Woman in Publishing has inspired you?

For our 16th consecutive year, EWIP will recognize one woman whose outstanding achievements have made a significant contribution to our industry. Who do you know who has created strong new products; who has broken new ground in publishing; who has led the transition from print to digital; who has mentored you or others?  Tell us about her and we will consider her for our 16th annual Exceptional Woman in Publishing Award, to be presented at our Sixth Annual Women’s Leadership Conference, to be held on March 5th in San Francisco.

Let us know about the Woman in Publishing who has made a difference in your career; and mark your calendar to join us when we present the award.

Apple Should Rename their Genius Bar. For All Our Sakes.

I took two laptops into the Apple store the other day to get them looked at. One of them had been drenched in a liquid and I was hoping to be able to retrieve the information. The other one had a problem with the power cord port.

At the so-called Genius Bar, a young man detached himself from the bevy of young men and came over to help out. He discovered that it wasn’t possible to retrieve my information (“liquids and technology don’t mix”) and that I needed a new power cord.

I ended up going to another place, where they retrieved my information and fixed my port.

I think naming a bunch of young tech-savvy men geniuses and turning them loose on the middle-aged women who come in with tech problems is doing us all a disservice. It makes them think too highly of themselves, and too low of the people they are helping. My tech was cordial and polite. He just didn’t listen. He didn’t solve two problems I believe he was probably capable of solving.

Anyone have a new idea for a name for the Genius Bar? I suggest: “Smart People Who Will Take a Look at Your Problem and Do Their Very Best to Help You.”

China Periodicals Association Will Host its International Magazine Forum in Wuhan this September

With the next EWIP Leadership Conference still a couple of seasons away, industry professionals looking for opportunities to learn new things might look to China for inspiration. The China International Magazine Media Forum ( is coming up in September. Boasting 8 pavilions, China Perodicals Association and its partners will host forums and cultural events directed toward the magazine publishing industry from September 14-16, 2014.

With a focus on new technologies, new applications, new devices and new products, it sounds like an exciting place to be for publishers wishing to learn what their colleagues overseas are up to, and wanting to develop partnerships of their own.

Lou Ann Sabatier is Named CEO of Clarity Media

Congratulations to Lou Ann Sabatier, a charter member of Exceptional Women in Publishing!

Lou just accepted the job of CEO of Clarity Media’s Washington, DC properties: The Weekly Standard, The Washington Examiner, and Red Alert Politics.

Lou is a leader in the integration of print and online and the cross-platform use of content. She plans to lead the Washington Examiner through a print- and online-relaunch that will position it as leader in both realms.

I’m happy to see a woman of Lou’s brilliance, experience and stature take her place at the helm of a major company and in the thick of Washington politics. Good luck!